What is the Actual procedure for 2023 - 2024 Dues?

Due to an unbelievable amount of confusion and conflicting data, I would like to ask exactly how Dues are going to be done going forward? Please only comment if you really know? I am not trying to be difficult, but I have heard three completely different things from people “who know”. That said, how does our Treasurer account for any variance from previous years when collecting National, Council and Troop amounts. Whew!

 Thank you! And I really mean that! 


@WilliamMount - i suggest you speak to your council about this

Therein lies the problem and the reason for the Message. NOBODY KNOWS!

If your unit expires 13/31/2023, then there is no change right now.

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So, we collect Dues just like always then?

@WilliamMount Yes, if your unit expires 12/31/2023.

If you have had new members join since August 1st, that will change things a bit for them. You can see their expiration dates at my.scouting.

New members since August will also be marked as prepaid in recharter.

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One of the challenges with answering this on a national forum is there are a lot of factors that are council specific. Councils have different expiration dates. The process is changing significantly for councils with expiration dates of Feb 28/29 and later.

Some councils charge different fees.

Some don’t even use the national tools for collecting payments.

And when you say dues, it seems like you are including national fees, council fees, and unit fees all lumped in together. But many use “dues” to refer to the unit piece only and collect those on their own timeline that doesn’t line up with recharter.


Jennifer and Jacob,

 Thank you!  This is useful and understandable. Our Council has had some big changes in the past few months and while the folks that are still there are working very hard, they have had a hard time keeping up with info requests and have had some conflicting info. I appreciate you and this forum. It has always been helpful. 


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