Pro-rated Payment plus following year (new scout)

A parent wants to only pay online till 12/31/22 then her son will recharter with us a whole but it is not letting her. I know you can do it because most of our applicants have done in the last week or so. Is there a time of the year when my.scouting forces you to also pay for next year as well?

It must be 60 days till your recharter - so they pay 14 months now online or on paper in most councils

Yes. I believe it is actually 15 months as I am honk they round up.

Yeah 90 days, and you pay for 15 months. The others in the last week or so did so before Oct 1.

The only way around this is a paper application if your council will accept it.

Pretty sure the others registered before 10/01. So that makes sense. Thanks. Everyone after 10/01 they will make them pay 15 months.

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Thanks, I was just wondering the same thing. It’s the first time I’d seen it when a parent asked just about it last week. And I assume during rechartering, the future year payment is taken into account automatically? I guess our pack didn’t have sign-ups this late in the last couple years so I haven’t had to deal with it before.

We have parents ask because they worry their child might not like it and only want to pay for the remainder of the year. Then when we recharter I ask them for the full dues. We haven’t had anyone not stay yet!

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Yes. They will be $0.00. If your pack charges dues that bundle in the national fee, you then have to have “2 costs”. One for those who were precharged the $75,’and those who didn’t get the pre charge.