All account info vanished

Yesterday morning I was using SB, but when I went back in later in the day, all of my account info was empty: no connections, no council/pack associations, nothing. I checked on the app as well and it’s acting wonky, specifically with my own 2 scouts. I click on “my scouts” and their icons flash briefly on the screen before I get a message stating something went wrong and try refreshing the screen. Is this a known issue? How do I get my info back? Thanks in advance!
SB ID: 13531840


Are you registered in both Costal Georgia Council and Great Alaska Council? I found 2 potential Scoutbook accounts for you, one in each Council.

Yes! Formerly Coastal Georgia, currently in Great Alaska :slightly_smiling_face:


OK, I’ll fix this for you. Since both registrations are still active, I needed to know which is the correct one. I’ll post back when it is fixed.


This is fixed.

Please check your address as it is a physical address in Scoutbook but a PO Box in Akela. You can cause both to match by editing your profile in Scoutbook and saving the profile with the correct address, even if it is already correct there.

You did it! Thanks so much!

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