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Scoutbook Account wiped

As of today my scoutbook account is completely wiped. No address no nothing. I can not access my Pack or Troop. How can I fix this.

It sounds like you acquired a “new” account that’s not connected to your unit. Can any of the Key 3 leaders or Unit Admins in your unit see you in the Scoutbook roster?

What BSA ID number shows up in your My Dashboard → My Account → Edit Profile? Does it match your BSA ID from my.scouting? Does it match the BSA ID from your unit’s roster at my.scouting? If your profile is visible to your unit leaders, what BSA ID do they see in the Scoutbook roster?

How are you logging in to Scoutbook? Via email address or my.scouting credentials? If you’re logging in to Scoutbook with one (e.g. my.scouting credentials), try logging in with the other (e.g. email address) to see if you get to another account. If there are duplicate accounts, you will probably need to email to have them merged. If the BSA ID numbers match for both accounts (i.e. login using email vs login using my.scouting credentials), you can try Switch SSO Profile at My Dashboard → My Account and enter your my.scouting credentials there.

Okay so my wife is an admin and she can see me in the roster. when she looks at my profile I have a diferent BSA ID then what is now appearing under this “NEW” account that is not linked to my council.

So you definitely have 2 accounts. I’ve seen this happen to a couple of adult leaders, and we all had one of a few things in common:

  1. we were previously registered in another council (either as a youth or adult) and had acquired a new account when the person record was added to Scoutbook.
  2. we were registered more than once in the same council (e.g. previous youth registration, leader in multiple units, both unit and district/council-level position) and those BSA IDs didn’t match.
  3. we had taken YPT or another training which created a BSA ID for us prior to registering, and council didn’t apply that BSA ID to our account, so a second account was created.

Are you logging-in with your my.scouting credentials, or your email address? If via email, try the Switch SSO Profile to see if you can drag the two accounts together. If not, I suspect you’ll have to get the folks at to merge the two accounts.

I am logging in with my Username and Password. The same Username and password that I have been using now for the better part of 6-8 months.

I went to the “New” account and relinked / established the my SSO to the right BSA ID and username and password and it fixed it. Thanks for the assistance.

Glad to be of service. A lot of us have had similar issues recently. I’m just glad all my random poking got your issue resolved.


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