All Calendar Events are 2 hours off

When California went through our recent time change, shortly afterwards all the calendar entries went 2 hours off. If Scoutbook is correct, emails get sent out stating the event starts 2 hours earlier. If the emails are correct, Scoutbook shows the event starts 2 hours later. We’ve tried revising all Calendar events and it just shifts the 2 hour “wrongness” the other direction. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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That’s weird. I’m in CA as well, but events I know I entered back in July are still showing up with the correct time, as are more recent events.

Generally, I’m viewing the calendar in both Android (Google calendar) and on my desktop browsers (Firefox & Chrome). Even my Outlook calendar is showing the right times. I’ll have to ask around to see if anyone else in our unit is getting incorrect times.

In case a “negative” (i.e. non-buggy) example from the same time zone is helpful for diagnostics, our Scoutbook Unit ID is 2545.

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I don’t know anyone who is using a calendar on their smartphone or getting meeting notices sent to Outlook or anything. It’s just the time on the calendar when you login to Scoutbook says one thing and the time on the meeting notice when you get the email reminder says a time 2 hours different. This didn’t happen a few weeks ago. It also happens when you send an email out to the pack and use the “insert upcoming events” button - that time is 2 hours different from what’s on the Scoutbook Calendar.

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I checked a bunch of the automated reminder emails for our troop down here in San Diego county that have come out via scoutbook over the last month or so, and the times all look right. Nobody else in my unit is b reporting the problem, so it seems like there’s something differentiating my unit from yours in that regard.

Were the events all created through Den Leader Experience interface, or does it include events created through the regular calendar interface? We’re all of the events created by the same person? Were they created individually, or using a calendar upload? I’m reaching here to try to guess what might be going on…

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Not created by the same person - generally created by the individual den leaders or cub master or me (den leader and outdoor activity chair). I have no idea what “Den Leader Experience” is so we didn’t use that. Most were created using the Calendar in Scoutbook - click on a day and start editing the event. Don’t know what a calendar upload is, so likely not done using that. My first thing was to check if it was only my meeting notices… but others have the same thing going on.

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My unit commissioner is suggesting it is a time zone thing, but that’s not making a lot of sense since we all live and work and scout in the same time zone - PST. Unless somehow spontaneously our Scoutbook got moved into a different time zone but I can’t see where/how I would check or see that.

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I’d send an email to with the details, including the URL of at least one event with this issue. Ask them to investigate.

In the meantime. What part of CA are you in? Anywhere near a state border?

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Nope - 6 blocks south of LAX! A mile from the ocean…

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My times keep skipping all over the place. I put that our troop meeting starts at 7pm and then the next day it says 8pm. I have changed it back several times. I thought maybe since I created the event prior to daylights savings time that was the issue but if I just updated it last night and it still changes all over the place. What gives? I am on Eastern time if that matters.

So, as a follow-up, I was able to take attendance within a few minutes after the nominal start time on an event Saturday morning. It seems like our calendar events all look OK based on discussions with several parents and other leaders.

Based on the fact that this seems to be happening to some, but not all, units in various time zones, I’ll hazard a guess that the time zone itself isn’t what’s wrong. Can anybody from SUAC confirm how the time and time zone data is embedded in the event? I’m wondering if it references information from the device/connection somehow to ascertain the time.

For example, the point-of-connection location auto-detected by stores that offer “local inventory checks” is usually several cities away, and has occasionally even reflected me being out of state (e.g. Yuma, AZ), even though I’m at home in San Diego county. It seems to vary based on how my ISP is routing me out of their 'net. Is Scoutbook using location services or something like that in setting the time/time zone of the event?

The way it is supposed to work is all events are stored as a common TZ.

When an event is created, the stored time is converted from the local time based on the device TZ to the common TZ.

Events are displayed based on the user’s offset from that common TZ. Location data is not used. The TZ set by the device is used. Mobile devices can be set manually or to get their TZ from the cell towers. This is why we often ask if the user is near a TZ boundary.

Rats! Another perfectly good hypothesis shot down by the facts. :wink:

We’re certainly not located close to any time zone that’s 2 hours away. The problem with us is that everyone is seeing the time for our meetings as being 2 hours off. Meetings we’ve tried to fix are correct in SB but 2-hours earlier via email. Meetings we’ve not tried to fix are 2 hours late in SB but correct via email. Can’t win and it’s affecting all users we’ve asked.

What device and browser are you using when you see incorrect times? Do you get different results with a different browser?

No difference with browser. It’s the meeting times in the auto-generated RSVP emails we receive that’s different than the Scoutbook times. Everyone in the pack that we’ve asked is experiencing it.

Sorry, I think you said that previously. Are these new events or events that were created more than 3 weeks ago? If new events, what browser was used to create them.

If you had submitted a ticket to support, could you post the ticket number here?

All events - old events, new events, events posted by multiple people with multiple browsers. I haven’t submitted a ticket because I haven’t yet figured out how to do that or how to tell anyhow which Scoutbook is “ours.” I suppose council, district and pack number should be enough. I meant to submit a ticket today - maybe I’ll get around to it tomorrow.

Council, pack number, and Chartered Org name should suffice.

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