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Scoutbook times showing different

So I noticed something odd the other day. I created an event on my phone in Scoutbook (SB) and when the email reminder came the start and end times were off an hour. I read in some forums that it might be issue with what browser your using. I’ve created several different test events from various browsers and devices. It seems that no matter what browser I use on my phone, the time is incorrect on the emails and when it’s such Ed to my phones calendar. When I create an event from my laptop, all is well. However if I log into SB on my phone and open the event the time is different. Any thoughts? I’ve already checked my iPhone to make sure it is set up for the correct time zone lol.

Not “such Ed”. It should read when it’s synced to my phones calendar

Do the email reminders list a time zone? Is it the correct one?

I have then same issue and I cannot get it fixed. I am in EST and it is sending in CST. All times zones are correct in the system. I also know the subscribed (NEW) calendar is also wrong, as it is changing to an hour later than is should be because of this.

@NathanTykocki What state are you in?

Michigan. I have to have 20 characters. :slight_smile:

In the email reminder it say UTC-5. I believe that is correct. I’m in Michigan so Eastern Time Zone.


It doesn’t also say Eastern Time (US & Canada)?

Yes I apologize. I had to look at it again. It does say EST US and Canada.


How far are you from the Central Timezone?

It sounds like the times are off due to the end of Daylight Saving Time. I suspect the code is not adjusting for the time change.

Are these events that were entered recently or before DST ended?

I’ve had no problems with DST ending for my units, and I’m in the eastern timezone. So, there’s something more than that going on. It seems like an awful lot are Indiana and Michigan.

I don’t recall this happening before DST but the ones I noticed were for recent events that I added or modified.


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