All connections and position lost in Scoutbook - Still in My.Scouting and Internet Advancement

Our pack is planning on using Scoutbook this year. We had not used it previously so all the suggestions about multiple logins are not correct in this case. I’m now the Assistant Cubmaster and will be managing Scoutbook for the pack. At the beginning of the month, the Pack Committee Chair logged in and gave me pack admin access. I was able to sort our current scouts into dens before the year started. I also connected all of our adult leaders with their children in scouts so that they could test the app.

We have just had our first Pack meeting and are starting the new dens now and adding new members now. However, when I went into Scoutbook yesterday, I do not see my affiliation with the pack or any connections. In the administration page for my account, I see my Council Logo, but that is about it. The “Edit Profile” page only has my name, city, zip code, gender, and BSA number (grayed out, but matches the my.Scouting number). Everything else including council on this page is blanked out.

When I log into my.Scouting or the new Internet Advancement, I do see all my profile information and the pack is listed. However, my positions are from last year.

Please let me know if this a general bug or if I need to get my account reset somehow.


Sounds like a 2 BSA # issue - go to and go to Legacy tools and Manage Member ID - see if it finds multiple numbers - if so you can merge them

Nope. Only one: 12860387.

As I mentioned, we have not used Scoutbook before. I only joined as an adult leader last year so I shouldn’t have a lot of other logins. I’m sure I have a different BSA number from my time as a scout over 20 years ago, but it was in another state and it isn’t showing up in this screen.

@JosephDvorak - was a new adult app submitted for the new position ? Other than that happening, they would have to make the official change at recharter. You could check in your profile, then positions to see if the position was ended by the akelasync process.

@JosephDvorak and I suppose you used Mange Member ID to search for other numbers?

looks like they took that feature out - it is worth a call to Council for them to search for a second Member ID

I don’t have a search function in Manage Member ID.

I just saw your reply as I was posting. I will ask the Council.

or if a K3 can look at member manager in and see if your Member ID is the same there as you see when you log into might be easier

That was exactly my situation, @JosephDvorak. I had to call Nationals to get the extra BSA ID identified and merged. Then, I emailed to have the Scoutbook accounts merged.

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