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Scoutbook account not connected

I have a den leader who could log into her account yesterday with full access to her den and children.
However, today when she logged in she had no connections/links to anything. Not her children not her den or Pack. When anyone else in the pack logs in we can see her profile with no differences. It seems that when she logs in she is linked to a different account than she should be. Any help or suggestions?

It sounds like she has 2 accounts. Send an e-mail to with her name, council and unit. Ask them to search for and merge duplicate accounts.

That is the info I was hoping for. Thank You!

I am having this exact problem except I can see under “quicklinks” the troop number which tells me that I have used this account to connect to my troop in the past. Why would I have 2 accounts? I emailed support and opened a ticket over a week ago. Have heard nothing.

@SteveBesonen Hey I was just able to fix this! Ask her to check her positions under her account. Check the ending date. My problem was I did not have a position so I entered the information in and I was connected back to my troop. I hope this works for you.

I am having a similar issue with my unit. I am the Cubmaster and in the past I’ve had admin privileges. However over the summer somehow myself and our committee chair have lost our admin privileges. I don’t believe I have multiple accounts. What could be causing the issue?

I’d send an email to They can either merge the duplicates or otherwise restore your admin permissions after confirming your registered position.

I sent an email in to almost a week ago and have received no response. I also looked into it and found the two account numbers in question and sent that in, still nothing. Can anyone provide insight into why I am getting no help?

they are really backed up

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