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Have just accepted an online application from a returning scout. The scout was a webelos in our Pack, took a year off and has now joined our Troop since he is old enough. Council successfully matched his new app to his old profile so his cub history shows up. All our old scoutbook connections from the Pack are still in place also. (I’m Cubmaster)

However, the scout is not visible from the roster or patrol pages. I can only find the scout via the pulldown that lets you access every scout you are connected to. From there I was able to assign him to the Patrol and I can update his advancement as usual.

We experience the same issues on my login (advancement chair/ Troop admin / key three delegate) and our committee chair/ COR’s login. (I have not checked with our Scoutmaster as Scoutbook confuses him already).

Here is what we see on the patrol page.

I’d start by checking to see if the scout still has a lingering membership in the pack in their Current Memberships list. That doesn’t always get properly terminated and can cause some issues (although I don’t think I’ve seen this one before).

Post the Scouts BSA # and we can look

The number is

I checked that when I updated his patrol membership and it correctly expired his Pack membership at rechartering. Leadership in Troop/Pack overlap a lot so the leader connections are still current.

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@GloriaFriend I knid of think they might have been registered wrong - checking with others

He shows up on the roster for IA2 and it lists his rank as Bear. So I think he’s somehow still cross registered with the Pack, which could be why I as cubmaster and our committee chair who is committee chair of both units can find him. He doesn’t show up on the pack IA2 roster though.

ETA: I notice another recently bridged scout who does display correctly shows a rank of AOL. So maybe that’s correct then.

let’s give it a day to see what happens I think - I think they entered it in today and might need time to sync totally

I noticed you have two troop admin positions in that troop. You could try ending one.

@GloriaFriend can you check on this Scout for me please

He now displays in his patrol. Thanks.

Good @GloriaFriend glad it solved it

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