Positions and connections are missing

When I logged into Scoutbook, the connection with my three kids as well as my positions in those units are all missing. This is only happening in SB. Everything is good in my.scouting and advancements. Pack 262, and Troops 201G/B


Did you recently change Councils? What is your current council?

I have not but I do have two different council member ID numbers. I have the right one selected in my.scouting as primary, but council says I have the other one associated with my SB profile and they can’t change it on their end. East Texas Area Council is my current council.

When I changed it back to the wrong council, everything came back correctly in Scoutbook.

What are the 2 BSA #s?


I have his MIDs.


This is fixed. I have merged your 2 Scoutbook accounts and set the BSA Member ID to your registered ID.

Thank you! You are a gentleman and a scholar and your good looks are excelled exceedingly only by your generosity.

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