Scoutboook no longer recognizes me as an MBC

A few days ago, I noticed that I was listed as a counselor for only the Scouts within my council. I double-checked with the Programs Administrator and she indicated that I am approved to work with Scouts worldwide. At someone’s suggestion, I went into my MBC “My Positions” page and changed the listing preference from “Council List” to “Any Council.” Now, Scoutbook doesn’t recognize me as a counselor at all. Again, I contacted my council and they indicate everything looks fine on their end. I tried to see it they could reset me as a counselor, but they won’t touch it. Can anybody help?
Last Frontier Council

Your MBC position was not approved in Scoutbook. I have ended it and requested a position sync.

It should be back within 24 hours.

Already back up! Thank you so much.

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I have the same issue.

@ChristopherWilson3 I am checking.

@ChristopherWilson3 Your MBC registration expired / lapsed 12/31. Please contact your local council for assistance.

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