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All registered leaders can access YPT and trained reports now

Does anyone know when this change was made?

Any registered leader can log in to their my.scouting.org account and access the trained leaders and YPT reports for every unit they are registered in regardless of their position. There is no way to restrict access.

My YPT expires in 4 weeks…I have been trying to take the YPT course again for the last two days. It stops and starts buffering about every 15 seconds. I just sent an email to the IT guys…I hope they can figure it out. Using Chrome, and I have no trouble with other video streaming sources. Just this one.

@MichelleRoberts I think that was in the last year. But why would you want to restrict access? Doesn’t more transparency in this area seem like a good thing?

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Are we talking read-only access or read-write access? I think you could make a reasonable argument that write access should be limited, particularly since there is currently no way in my.scouting to remove or correct errors added to training records. (Staff council admins can usually remove/correct errors once they make it over to ScoutNET, but not all councils have good local staff admins/registrars.)

The training reports are reports only. There is no ability to change anything.

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True, but I have a troop that is unhappy that everyone in the troop has access to this report. They feel they should be able to restrict access due to privacy concerns.

Is there a specific data element they are concerned about?

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They feel that training is between the volunteer and the Scoutmaster and should not be on display for the whole unit along with everyone’s email address. They are also upset that this change was not announced in any way, they only became aware of it by chance. They feel if something like this was done without notice with their personal information that other things will follow.
I couldn’t find any information about when this change occurred and in fact when I called the help desk to find out why a committee member had access to the unit training report the help desk was not aware of the change either. They had to send the issue to development to learn of the change. I can certainly understand where their concern is coming from.

The BSA does not monitor these forums. If you have a concern with the way access is given to these training reports you will need to discuss it with your Council professionals or send an e-mail to myscouting@scouting.org.

That’s fine. I was just answering Jacobfetzer’s question. I was only coming here to find out if anyone knew when the change took place. I thought it might be in the “change log” but found nothing there. I have already directed the volunteer to contact national with his concerns.

Only those with something to hide feel the need to hide

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It’s only other registered leaders in the unit who can see it. If they don’t want other leaders in their unit to have their email address, I’m not sure how they communicate with each other.

I thought I read something about the scouting program to be open to view and examination. As a CC if a parent or other registered leader asked for a training report I feel obligated to provide it. Even more importantly if the XO asked there can be no refusal at that point.


I must have stumbled across it last week. It’s a great help as our unit does not use scoutbooks. I was able to pull the training and dates to update our records.