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New Trained Leader Report

A month or 2 ago the trained leader report went from a screen in Scoutbook to you being sent over to my.scouting and seeing a report there. The previous screen in Scoutbook was much easier to read and quickly see who needed what.

@ChadBarr - the trained leader report was removed back in March of 2019 based on this:

When I go to the YPT report, I get a blank page with an error. I am working on recharter paperwork and can’t see when their YPT expires. It is no longer listed in the leaders profile on Scoutbook, since they removed all the training logs from there. How do I get a report for our Troop now?

I can get the trained leader report, but it doesn’t list the YPT expiration date. Only that they have taken it.

@ChristineBaggette - I just tried the YPT aging report and it does indeed present the expiration dates. What is you role in the unit ?

Are you the person handling online Internet Rechartering? If so, there is an option to “Update Unit Roster”, which will update unit member data and Youth Protection status from the council’s unit roster information.

Ah yes Jennifer is correct and it will flag the expired YPT for leaders. Forgot to mention that… guess I am still sleepy from weekend two of wood badge.

Yes, I am. I know some expire in March, but I am not sure if I remember all of them.

Depending on your position / role in the unit, there is also a YPT report available at my.scouting.org. You can use it to sort based on “Y01 Completed”.

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