YPT training record not updated

One of our troop’s ASM (ID: 130954805) took YPT on 11/5/2022. Screenshoot he shared shows that all four YPT modules were 100% on that date. HIs YPT certificate and units YPT report still shows the old expiration date of 12/15/2023 instead of the expected 11/5/2024.

Please help

@WaiTan - did they take the mandatory course

yes, “Mandatory - Youth Protection Training” learning Plan shows 100% progress last completion on 11/05/2022

As a Key 3 Delegate, you should be able to go to my.scouting and use the Training Manager to see course completions. Here’s how:

  1. Click on “Add/Search”
  2. Click on “Search Training”
  3. Enter his name in the search box
  4. Check the box next to his name.
  5. Click “View Training”

What you are looking for is all 4 of these modules for the mandatory YPT lesson plan:

  • SCO_3008
  • SCO_3009
  • SCO_3010
  • SCO_3011

Based on what I can see, he needs to retake SCO_3011, the YPT Certification Test module.

ASM Training

Thank you. I will have him retake the test and thanks for the info on checking the training completions.

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The COR is trying to take his YPT but it will never fully load. He admittedly has a dinosaur computer and slow Internet but are there any updates that may have effected the ability to complete it? 12215925

What does he mean by that? I would work to find out where it does what. Can they log in? Can they get into the training part? Does it even start?

@TrishRhodes Is he able to log in at my.scouting?

Is he using the most current version of Chrome or Edge browsers?

Usually it stops where I put password in

That account has not logged in in the last 30 days. Can they log into my.scouting.org? or is that were they get the failure

What do you mean by that? You type in the user name, you type in the password. You hit login, now what do you see?