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Allow invite list by den, rank or entire unit

Our pack meetings are set at the beginning of the year and I enter these as events in SB and add all current scouts to the invite list so they can receive reminders. During the year each time we sign up a new scout I have to then go back in to add them to each invite list. You should be able to select an option where the reminder message goes our to all currently registered scouts at that time. That way you could set the events in August, a scout could join in September and receive reminders right away, without the user having to go to each event and adding the new scout to the invite list. This could also be done by Den and Rank.

Hi, @AlexanderMiller1,

I know that this feature has been requested multiple times, but the BSA hasn’t disclosed where it might be in the development timeline.

That said, you can achieve something similar using the Feature Assistant Extension. There’s a discussion of how to do the clean-up here.

ETA: Oops. That was a discussion of how to purge former members. It uses the same tools, but in a slightly different way. Here’s the correct link.

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