Allow Multiple Select in "Apply Payment to:"

A number of times we will have parents write one check or make a single payment to square a scouts account up. The “Apply Payment to:” section however does not allow for multiple selections to account for each of the items the payment is for.
Would like the ability to select all items the payment is for to decrease the confusion for parents. The only workaround at this point would be to create a new entry for each item individually, but that would be very time consuming and difficult to audit the books later on.

It would be nice to have that ability. It was requested before and rejected by BSA IT as they wanted to keep the logs as minimal as possible.

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Unfortunately, it’s more confusing for parents. The balance will show as zero or positive, but on the app it shows that there are still charges outstanding. Hopefully it’ll be reconsidered.


I doubt it will be reconsidered. The payment log was intended to be very simple. As long as the balance shows 0 or a positive value, the family does not owe anything.


This is also consistent with how most medical systems payments. If you and your family go to the Dr, costs come in and payments come in. It is a ledger and no “forced” 1:1 match. It can be a pain to figure out. One can help it with notes with a payment saying “for campout, pinewood car, and field trip”.

I would think this would simplify the payment log entry of payments. If not reconsidered, then I think there needs to be additional enhancements to the Payment logs section of the App.
For example, I have a scout currently that shows a Positive Total Balance, but has 2 items out of 10 in the “Outstanding” section which do not show as “Paid”. This is causing confusion for parents to understand if they still need to pay those items, if the positive balance will be applied to the outstanding items, etc.

@JustinPalmer - what app are you referring to when you mention “app” ?

@Stephen_Hornak - The “Scouting” app and the “Payment Logs” menu options when a scout is selected. I know that is not Scoutbook, but pulls the Payment logs from there.

I have requested that the Payment To status be removed from the Scouting App, due to this and other issues with it.


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