Payment Log

I am wondering how others are using the payment log. Currently I have 2 typical use case scenarios and I want to make sure I am using the payment log in the best fashion.

  1. For things like camps where scouts might make multiple payments over time we create a ‘Charge This Account’ entry, and then individual ’ Credit This Account’ entries for each payment, which works good as it shows the parents/scouts the balance left that needs to be paid on the account. But if you have multiple charges where multiple payments need to be paid, it can make it hard for users to figure out what balance is left for what charges based on the balance shown without the user having to break down the transactions manually.

  2. Payments for things like dues, shirts, pinewood derby kits where it is usually a single payment, we currently have to create an ’ Charge This Account’ entry and then a separate ‘Credit This Account’ entry for a single transaction in order to get the scouts balance to show a zero balance. Is there no way to create a single entry for these 2nd types of transactions so there is only one line item? Just makes things convoluted especially when the payment is made after the charge date.

Would be nice if we could just add the charge and then mark paid. Am I missing a way to do this?

I am using the Feature Assistant on Firefox as well FWIW. Boy is that add-on a big help! :slight_smile:

Thanks all for any suggestions or ideas!

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I hold various roles in three different units (two packs and a troop), and not one of them actually USES the Payments Log. We (ok, the treasurers) have found it easier to use Excel or an actual accounting software due to the very basic functionality of the Payments Log. I wish they would add enough to it to do basic accounting of the unit treasury (where you could add GL accounts and keep track of bank account balances, etc).

I’ve been told that you COULD do that by adding bogus scouts for things like “Awards”, “B&G Banquet”, “Recharter Dues”, and whatever else you budget for, but that workaround just isn’t worth it.

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