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Creating payment log for multiple scouts at a time

I was reviewing the " PayPal Payment Utility – SB Unit Admin Guide (SB)" article preparing to setup Paypal for my unit. I was specifically looking for how to setup a payment log entry for multiple scouts at a time when I ran across this: " Will there be a new payment link on calendar items as well?

  • Currently there is not a link between the calendar and PayPal. If you want to charge for an event, Payment Log entries need to be made for EACH Scout."

I hoped this did not pertain to what I was looking for as it would imply that a payment log entry must be created for each scout individually. Can anyone confirm this is accurate? Also, does anyone know if the functionality to create a payment log for multiple scouts at a time will be added?

I did test and did not see a way to add to multiple scouts simultaneously, but I could be overlooking it.


Look in your Quick Entry on your unit page.

Gary, thank for the reply. I see that now, did I miss it in documentation?

Yours in Scouting,

Derrick Brown

Troop 179


I did not know about this… Have you tried it yet? How is it working? Does it automatically change the Scouts Payment Log from Negative to zero?

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