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Ancillary Training

Since training management has been removed from Scoutbook… is there a new facility to track/check training like WFA and NRA Certs?


Training records at My.Scouting allow for certain volunteers to update a scouter’s training record. No one can update their own record.

  • Unit Key 3 and the Unit Training Chair can update records for adults registered in the unit
  • District Key 3 and District Training Chair for adults in their district
  • Council Key 3, Council Training Chair, and Council Registrar for adults in their council

Non-BSA training include the following:

  • CS82 NRA Rifle Instructor
  • CS83 NRA Pistol Instructor
  • CS84 NRA Shotgun Instructor
  • CS85 NRA Muzzleloader Instructor
  • CS86 NRA RSO
  • CS88 USA Archery Level 1 Instructor
  • CS89 USA Archery Level 2 Instructor
  • CS90 USA Archery Level 3 Instructor
  • N01 First Aid
  • N02 Wilderness First Aid
  • N03 Wilderness First Responder
  • N04 First Responder
  • N05 CPR
  • N06 CPR/AED
  • N08 CPR Instructor
  • N09 CPR Instructor Trainer
  • N10 Wilderness First Aid Instructor
  • N11 WFA Instructor Trainer
  • N12 First Aid Instructor
  • N13 First Aid Instructor Trainer

However, getting the training entered in a person’s training record does not make it easy to check. At the unit level, it becomes a manual process of checking every adult’s record to see who has which training because these courses are not required to be position trained.

I do not know what reports are available at the district or council level.

At the unit level, Key 3 Delegates can also update training.