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Recording supplemental training online?

What is the procedure for recording supplemental leader training online? I’ve accumulated a few cards handed out by the instructors, but I don’t believe the instructors submit my completions to our council.

I guess the first question is, are supplemental training records stored anywhere online? I’m talking about things like:

Cub Scout BB and Archery RSO

Second, how do I go about getting my certifications displayed online? Do I need to call someone at council and follow up with a fax or email scan of the relevant certs?

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A key 3 member of you unit, the District or Council Training Chairs can add this training to your record via my.scouting.org. An individual is not permitted to update their own record.


Thanks for the reply. Two follow up questions:

If I am a Key 3 “delegate”, can I update my own record?

Also, could you direct me to the place in my.scouting.org where these records can be added? This will help me explain to a Key 3 on how to do it.

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System won’t let you update yourself (Scouts are trustworthy not Scouters LOL) - there is an application called Training Manager - that is where you go


Here is a guide to the process:


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Perfect, that’s the info I needed, especially the screenshot. Thank you!

Stephen thanks for link! Hmm, a few steps are involved. Feels kind of awkward asking my committee chair or cubmaster to download this guide, read it, log in, follow the steps, and hopefully everything works. As if they don’t have enough on their plate managing the pack. It really would be easier if I could do it myself and not burden anyone else. Thanks again.

Your Key 3, a Key 3 Delegate, or your Unit Training Chair can add your training for you. (Key 3 Delegates and Unit Training Chairs are functional roles that have to be redesignated each year) Your District Training Chair or council can also add your training.

It’s not too complicated. They just need to log in at my.scouting.org, go to the Training Manager, click on the Add Training icon, which looks like this:

Training Manager

@JenniferOlinger, @DonovanMcNeil thanks for the info, I will refer to these. :slight_smile:

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@JenniferOlinger do you know if the Training Chair can update his or her own records? I realized our pack doesn’t have a training chair right now, so I will volunteer to do it. I’m just wondering if I’ll still need another Key 3 or delegate to add my trainings.

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You can’t update your own training. You have to have someone else do it for you.

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  • my.scouting.org > Menu > My Training > Completions
  • my.scouting,org > Menu > Legacy Web Tools > Training Validation
  • my.scouting,org > Menu > unit/district > Training Manager

Thanks Bill very much. I hadn’t noticed that Training Validation tool before. It actually does list most of my trainings, but it’s missing a few. I’ll get one of our Key 3’s to add them. Based on my recommendation, we will discuss nominations for Training Chair (currently unfilled) at our next committee meeting. If no one else steps up, I’ll happily volunteer.

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No you can’t update you’re own record, at least not on my.scouting.org. this is done as a checks and balances from what i understand.

yes you need someone else to do it. You can’t update your own training records on my.scouting.org