Quick Entry Swimming Classification Error

Scoutbook Plus Roster Entry Error - Unit Quick Entry- Swim Classification

Was attempting to “Save Changes” after entering Swim Classification for Leaders using Quick Entry Option in Roster in Internet Advancement.

Received Error —> ! Error “value” position 55 contains a duplicate value

Any idea on how to resolve this. Not very helpful error code.

I tried both Windows Chrome and Edge with same results. Used Shift F5 for hard refresh

Unit Quick Entry- Swim Classification Youth worked just fine.
Parents worked ok (long time to respond >30 seconds)

Thank you.

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To narrow down the potential issues, do you get the same error if updating the swim test data directly in the profile individually? I understand that’s not a practical work-around for most units, but it might help indicate whether the issue is unique to quick entry for scouters or not.

Yes. I can go into individual Leader Accounts (we have 58 leaders) so it’s not that great a workaround. Internet Advancement Roster is running very slow to load the roster and then a leader’s (or Scout) profile so it takes minutes to change just one leader’s swimming classification (Both Windows Edge and Chrome)… Thank you.

J Woolston

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There is one leader who I cannot modify his information, Member ID 129631859. I get “Input Validation Error” for any of his profile information that I can change (OA, Swimming, Medical, phone number). Perhaps this one account is tripping up the Unit Quick Entry for Leaders

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If you exclude the adult with the “Input Validation Error” does Quick Entry work?

There has been an update to our leaders which may have solved the issue

Last week I requested our Council Registrar to combine a Leader who had two SB accounts under the same Member ID. This Leader also had three parent accounts as well. The Registrar combined the accounts this morning (Tues May 28) and I no longer received the Error “value” position 55 contains a duplicate value

All appears good except for the leader, not the one mentioned above but Member ID 129631859. I get “Input Validation Error” when I try to change his Swimmer Classification on his Individual Profile.
Even when using Unit Quick Entry, It appears to show the correct classification and date but nothing transfers over to update his individual profile.

Any ideas for this leader?

Thanks for the help.
J Woolston

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This user has the Merit Badge Counselor position twice in Scoutbook. That might be causing an issue. Your local council might be able to close one of them using the Volunteer Support Tools (VST).

Thanks JenniferOlinger. I contacted our Council Registrar and The Member ID 129631859 leader profile is now accepting/recording changes.

Appreciate the help steering on this one toward a solution.
J Woolston