Another pay and validate error

Before typing this message
I was still trying to remove one scout from my list. From the roster list, when selecting the scout and removing them from the list, I was receiving the following error message…

"org.mule.weave.v2.exception.UnexpectedFunctionCallTypesException: You called the function ‘contains’ with these arguments: 1: Null (null) 2: String (“Council Registration Acceptance”) But it expects one of these combinations: (Array, Any) (String, String) (String, Regex) 8| if (roles contains “Council Registration Acceptance”) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Trace: at contains (line: 8, column: 5) at main (line: 8, column: 11) " evaluating expression: "%dw 2.0 output application/java import containsAny from modules::Common var roles = vars.auth.roles flatMap ($.roleTypes) var unitRoles = [“Unit Registration Acceptance”, “Unit Youth Registration Acceptance”, “Unit Adult Registration Acceptance”] — if (roles contains “Council Registration Acceptance”) ‘COUNCIL’ else if (containsAny(roles, unitRoles)) ‘UNIT’ else ‘’ ".

I had NOT hit “post roster” button but I had progressed through “Pay at council” at some point. I was attempting to understand at which point that I would need to actually print something out and bring it into the office.

After starting this message I am now receiving a “Locked Roster” page and am unable to see anything.
Yes the documents were emailed but they are incorrect. Council office said that they cannot reset the roster back to zero after it has posted. What are the options at this point?

this is a known issue that has been reported

For the record, I just received an email from a unit processor getting the same message when attempting to mark two records as duplicates.

I’ll pass the reply onto the user to await a resolution.

Yours in Scouting,
Lou Leopold
Assistant Council Commissioner, Scoutbook Specialist
Adventure West Council, BSA (formerly Greater Wyoming - Longs Peak Council)

After some more checking with the units (yes, I got more than one as time went on), we found by having the processor hit the “Refresh Roster” item, they were then properly able to make adjustments and “Validate and Pay” after refreshing one last time.

The processors has been refreshing the web page, thinking it would also refresh the roster.

I did state to the processors to print the roster after refreshing to get a download of the roster to review with their COR or IH and UC before submitting to pay and that seemed to avoid any issues when submitting to council.

I know this does not help you now, but the only thing I can think of from a commissioner perspective would be to work with your assigned commissioner who is the next in line to review your roster and your council registrar to make the final corrections manually, unless the SUAC comes up with a alternative or fix.

Hope this helps.

Yours in Scouting,
Lou Leopold
Assistant Council Commissioner - Training
Adventure West Council #62, BSA

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