Another user is using the same e-mail address

Good morning. I am a new user. When logging into my Scoutbook profile I am getting the following message under “My Account” on My Dashboard page:

“Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address. If this is unexpected contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook forum.”

I suspect I might have accidentally created 2 profiles. Can you help resolve this?

Thanks in advance!
Josh R

@JoshuaRogers2 that is fixed

I got this same message when trying to connect a parent to his child. He said he did not have an account so I created one with his email. His son scout I connected him to is scout ID 14250546. I need to also connect him to his daughter (scout ID 14251293) but the find account search does not find him. Can you look if there is another account already using his email and also connect him to his daughter’s account. Thanks

@KatherineBynum I have added the parent as a connection. In Scoutbook, you will need to go to the Scout’s Connections screen, click on the parent’s name, and change the connection type to “Parent / Guardian”.

In the future, I would recommend working with the parent to create an account at my.scouting, first. When you create an account inside of Scoutbook, parents get added without a date of birth, and this can make matching them up more difficult.

@KatherineBynum Once a parent is connected to one scout in your unit, you can use connections manager to connection them to another. Then go to the scout’s connections, click the parent’s name, and change the connection type to parent/guardian.

I could not get the connection search to work for adding him to the daughter after I added him to the son. I put in his name and I also tried to find him via his email and it said no such user existed when searching for him both ways. Is there a connection manger that is separate from the scouts profile connection manager that I should be looking at to make connections?

Jennifer - Thank you. When they make an account in my.scouting how to they connect to their scout so it connects in Scoutbook? I have lots of new kids with the parent that was on their application in Scoutbook and their other parent wants to be connected too which was what happened in this case.

Connections manager is on the the pack roster page. Scroll to the bottom and click connections manager. Then, you click on the intersection of the adult and the scout who connection you want to modify. Or click the adult to change the entire row.


Your process was correct but the search is broken right now. The developers are working on a fix.


I am also getting this same error and need it corrected.


BSA Member ID:


@RobertSteldt was on your sons account

I also get this message in Scoutbook.
SB User ID: 9659781
BSA member ID: 12352906

@ShadPlante that is fixed

Hi Donovan,

Thanks for your help. It looks like it was fixed for a bit, but when I logged in tonight, it’s showing again. Not sure if it’s something I did on my side.

Im having the same email issue and I see 2 connections for me in my sons account. I was able to delete one for my husband but I finally got scoutbook to work on my phone and Im afraid to delete the wrong one. What do you suggest?

@JoshuaRogers2 It was you son. I removed it. If anything changes on his profile, it resyncs everything from Akela, the membership database.

@annbrooner This is fixed. You need to log in with the username that is not your email address. Please check all of your profile info to make sure it is correct.

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