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Can't seem to link my account with my son!

I have an account set up with scouting.org, scoutbook, the app, everything out there, I feel like. I can’t seem to link my son’s information to my account. I’m trying to use the app and its worthless if I can access his profile and pack. Our leader has tried sending emails through, but I don’t seem to be getting the emails to parents from those forums.

Any suggestions?

@RobinRavotto - has an admin made the connection of the scout to you ? That will produce an email stating that you are connected to the scout. Can you post screen shots of what you see when you log into scoutbook.com ?

The scout leader has tried to send emails, I think, connecting us, but I never receive the emails! He just sent a whole pack email regarding this and I still didn’t receive the email. I’m trying to work it out with Hotmail, because I saw that that could be the issue.

@RobinRavotto You have 2 Scoutbook accounts, and each one has a different e-mail address. One is connected to your Scout. The other is not.

I will send you a private message.

I have zero connections on scoutbook, but my committee chair states I am connected to my scout and scouts in my den. I am the den leader. Help!

Are you logging in with your email address or your my.scouting.org credentials (i.e. what you logged in with to take YPT)? If it’s the former, try logging in with your my.scouting credentials and see if that matches up with your unit.

The first thing I would ask the CC to check (assuming that logging in with your my.scouting credentials doesn’t resolve the issue) is what your email address and BSA ID are in the account they’re seeing. My guess is that you have a second Scoutbook account and BSA ID. If what they see isn’t the same BSA ID and email address as what you see, that’s confirmation, and you’ll need to reach out to your council to get your records merged.

When I login with my email address and not my ID, I can see it. Why would I have 2 accounts and who can fix it?

@ErinReid I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it