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Issues connecting to scout in scout book

I had a login for scoutbook account when my son was in cubscouts. he has been in boyscouts 2 years and now that we have officially switched over to scout book there seems to be a disconnect with my account in scoutbook, because it want let me connect to my sons scout profile. I can see all the scouts in the troop in there respective patrols, but unable to connect to any of them.

Are you logging in with the same email address and PW as when your son was in Cub Scouts? Or are you now using your my.scouting credentials? If the former, go to my dashboard > my account > switch SSO profile.


Unless you broke the connection to your son, there may be 2 accounts for him. Do you see his name under family on the left side of your page? If so, does this still show his Cub Scout record? If it does, he has 2 accounts. Send an e-mail to with his name, BSA#, council, pack and troop numbers and ask them to merge his accounts and make sure you are connected to the remaining account as Parent/Guardian.

If you do not see his name under family, go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections and look for him there. This is another way you can check for a duplicate account.

If you don’t find a duplicate, ask a unit admin in the troop to add a Parent/Guardian connection between you and your son. To do this they go to your son’s page, then his connection page, click +Add then enter your Scoutbook e-mail address in the search box.

My unit admin has already tried to add me as a Parent/Guardian connection by going trough my sons profile page and it pulls me up but my connection is greyed out so he’s unable to select it.
At this time I don’t think my son still has two accounts, the old one was part of a trial with Scoutbook and when I go into my profile > my connections > I see no scouts listed in there at all.

I’m currently only a troop committee member and I’m not sure how my permissions are setup in the system. I’m logging in to scoutbook using my credentials.

It sounds like you may have duplicate accounts. If your admin is seeing you as a connection that is grayed out, that means you are already connected as Parent/Guardian.

Send an e-mail to with your name, BSA#, council and unit along with the e-mail address you used to log in to Scoutbook prior to the switch to SSO and your ID. Ask them to search for and merge duplicate accounts.