Parent Connections

I have a new scout in Scoutbook and want to connect his mother. When I enter all the info in on the invite page, I get an error message that it must be an adult leader since the email is already used. I would like to be able to connect this parent- realizing that the email for the scout and mother will be the same…

Scoutbook will not permit 2 users to have the same e-mail address.

On the new connection page, enter the e-mail address in the search bar.

You can search by name or e-mail address. If Scoutbook tells you the e-mail address belongs to a youth, you need to send an e-mail to with the parent’s e-mail address and ask that it be removed from the Scout’s profile.

If the address is a gmail account, you can insert “+xxxx” before the @ to create what Scoutbook thinks is a different account, but which gmail will treat as the same account. Gmail will ignore the + and everything added after it.

If the account is, you could enter

Some have commented that this may also work with other email services.

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If a parent / guardian has not been connected, then the Scout should not have an e-mail in Scoutbook yet.

You might need to send an e-mail to Scoutbook support to request that the Scout’s e-mail address be removed so that the parent can use that e-mail address.

Please be sure to include as much identifying information as you can (Scout’s full name, BSA ID #, parent’s name, e-mail address, unit number, council name, etc.).