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Any possible expansion of Scouting Forum main categories?

Not sure best place to post this (so if in wrong category, please move).

This is in regard to overall Scouting Forums here on Discourse. I see this as a place for gathering for all different groups (I see Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts, etc…). With the revamp to the NESA website and database integration (I’m guessing from their roadmap on the NESA website ), will there be Forum categories for NESA, Alumni, Order of the Arrow? Just curious as I see the potential for networking and expansion of this new tool.

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This forum is moderated by volunteers who work with ScoutBook. BSA staff do not officially moderate. I do not believe that what other forums people in areas of BSA wish to create are known here, or if they would be as free form as these.

@ZachEagle other sub channels have been discussed but not implemented at this time - we did not want to get too fragmented. For now Threads can be created for each

Ok. Great. That’s good to know. I just figured I’d ask the question in case it has not been considered. Always better to start small and add then have too much at once. I’m glad to see the new forums gaining usage!