Any risk in Export, then Import?

If I export everything, keep the formatting religiously, then re-import, will it not duplicate events?

At this time of the year, we plan out the skeleton of the next 1.5 years (i.e. through January 2023). Have I been crazy to not use this feature over the last 2.5 years?

If I recall, it will duplicate events when you re-import.

With that said, the template the Feature Assistant uses is super clear and easy to understand.

If it wouldn’t duplicate, it would answer more of our needs. :frowning:

If you export everything, and do not change ANYTHING, and import, it will create the same events you already have. So yes, they would be duplicated in that scenario.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to to that… its just like the Copy Event function - it does exactly what you ask it to do - copies the event.

We use the export, modify the dates, then import so we have the plan for next year.

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I look at the FAE import/export for the calendar as sorta the opposite of the Scoutbook MBC list: only upload the stuff you’re changing, not the whole list of events.

I haven’t tried it, but if you modify the contents but not the date of the event, does it duplicate the event, but with different contents or does it modify the existing event?

With Scoutbook’s bug that keeps pushing you back to your current month, a holistic modification plan is hard.

What I would want to is export like today, edit at will, import the whole list back, and not end up with duplicates if I didn’t modify the date. If I modified it, it would replace it, if I added, it would add it.

Currently with Covid, most of our Fall 21 to Summer 21 meeting locations are TBD. When we get word from the school (yes or no), we will need to go in and modify some 25 entries. It would be great to be able to do that in Excel.

The import function is not designed to update existing events; rather it is designed to create new events.

The ability to edit externally is a new request, and there are additional challenges as the native way Scoutbook saves an edit is not the same as saving a new event.

Having said that - I do not plan to update the calendar functionality in the extension as the direction of BSA is moving away from the calendar in Scoutbook and integrating it into the IA stack.

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Ok. Thanks! That is helpful to know the limitations. I’m glad I asked before I imported some 100 events! :slight_smile:

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