App not linking child

I am able to see my child on scoutbook through the web page but he’s not showing up on the app. I also feel like I should be seeing more on the webpage, it shows him as a connection (on the webpage only) but nothing else? Not sure what I should be seeing but I feel like something is missing.

@JenHolcomb - on the scoutbook site what happens when you click on your scouts name.

On the app in the lower left click on scouts i think it says

on scoutbook it brings me back here to the dashboard
on the app it says “add parent connections” and doesn’t show anyone

@JenHolcomb - could you have an admin in the unit make sure that you are connected to your scout.

We did at our last den meeting, I’m connected on the website (it shows up with my scout) but he doesn’t show on the app. I made sure I was using the same login

@JenHolcomb - I thought you said in the website it brings you back to the dashboard ? Could you post some screenshots on the app and

@JenHolcomb You had some weird things going on, but I think they should be fixed now.

Please log out of Scoutbook, then log back in.

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Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! Looks great now!

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