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Hi, I am troop admin and also committee chair. The scout in question happens to be my son. He is showing up under my connections and his record shows that he is in our troop. But i am his only connection and scoutbook won’t let me add a connection. I click the +add button but it just takes me back to my home page. Also, he does not show up in our troop roster. His profile pic shows his old troop number patches but if you click on his profile under his membership it shows he is in the correct troop…also when I click on his profile the troop at the top changes so it’s like i’m leavning our scoutbook for current troop and going into the scoutbook of his old troop. any help advice would be helpful. Thank you so much.

@StephanieSmith7 - can you check on the profile page for a line concerning membership and note what is listed there as active current memberships ?

yes he is listed as a current membership in the correct troop number. There is a green shield with a checkmark in it next to Scouts BSA on the top row then under that is the patrol name and troop number (which are correct, just not showing up in the troop roster)

As a unit admin, try clicking on that membership and Approving it again. It seems like sometimes the UI isn’t “talking” to the back end, and memberships/roles are getting out of sync. I’ve had to do the same thing from time-to-time with my unit admin role.

Thank you for taking time to try to help. It didn’t work but I’ll keep trying.
I appreciate your responses.

Go to Scouts Profile Page > Go to Membership > Look at current Membership and make sure it is approved > if it is approved un-approve it and save> then go back in and approve it > That should solve it as long as the Scout is really registered with unit

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That didn’t work. I think the problem is more complex. I’ve noticed that when I click on his profile, at the top of the screen where it kind of shows the path of what page I’m on and what pages I came from in black it says the troop number…but when I go on his profile it is the old troop’s number and then when I go back to my dashboard or my profile the troop number is the new one that we are registered in now. Also under his profile picture, there is a picture of his counsel patch and then his troop numbers and the troop numbers are his old nubmers…
I feel like that has something to do with it.

do you think I could just take him out of scoutbook altogether and then put him back in? Or would that erase his whole BSA records from the beginning of his time in the organization? I’ve called the scout office and their records are all correct and he is in the correct troop etc…it’s just scoutbook.

@StephanieSmith7 I sent you a private message for more information. Look for the indicator on your avatar in the upper right of the forums.

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