Appearing Multiple Times on Roster

I recently moved to a new council and I am continuing to volunteer. When I turned in a new application, five separate versions of myself appeared on the roster. Each profile appeared to be tied to a previous council and unit. I attempted to get my new local council to assist with clearing up the extra profiles. Now I can no longer see my Pack on I am still listed as the Committee Chair on

Separate issue, but similar is that my son appears twice on the roster. The council says that there is nothing they can do about his profile from previous council, but that is not what help implies. I would like to get his profiles merged so that we don’t lose the historical data of his Scouting.

What am I missing about what is happening with Scoutbook? I’ve been using the website for years and have never had these problems.

SB SEEMS to be pulling in every instance of registration into the new unit right now - it is being worked on - for adults it is pretty easy to look at email and figure the one you want and end other leadership positions in SB

The email address on several of the additional profiles were the same. The physical address was the difference. I forgot that I had lived at some of the addresses. I ended the surplus leadership positions, and now I am completely removed from the Pack roster.

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