A couple of issues

Seeing how many requests you all get, I’m surprised this isn’t a separate category.
1.) Scoutbook says I have two accounts using the same Email. SB User # 10264711 is my main one.

2.) My other issue is I have a Scout(SB# 9040413) in my Troop Unit that shows up twice. It’s the same account, numbers all match, etc. But the Scout is listed as NOT in a Patrol and In a Patrol.

3.) I am also getting all Yellow Triangles on my Youth while in Patrol View, and when I go to Roster I get it on all Adults. However, everyone appears correct when viewing roster in my.scouting

@AndrewR #2 go to scout membership area, and end the Troop membership - not the patrol

#3 is being looked at

@AndrewR email is fixed

I am guessing to “end the Troop membership” I just put in a date?

@AndrewR yes - sorry if I was not clear

No problem.

So when I enter in a date. IT says it will end corresponding leadership positions as well. So I am guessing this is why the scout is showing up twice. As their Den Chief position(s) are held at the Troop Level? So I just need to move those over to her Patrol, correct?

did it end that position? DC is a Troop level - it should not matter in this instance - that is just a heads up warning

I didn’t save it, as I didn’t want mess up the Scouts leadership position.

Exact pop-up:

“By ending this membership, we are ending corresponding leadership positions in this Unit”

The only “troop level” leadership position is the Den Chief.

I am 99% sure it will have no effect - you would see that even if no positions existed

It did end the positions, but I was able to go back in and just remove the “end date” on the positions and it seem to have worked.

that is interesting - let me do some testing and get it reported

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