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Scouts with multiple accounts

I have five scouts that have multiple accounts in scoutbook. Four of them had this happen several years ago and a scout book admin removed the duplicate accounts. The duplicate accounts reappeared just recently.

The other duplicate we haven’t removed yet.

We also have three scouts from a different troop in our account, that we need to remove.



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In the Fall of 2020 I had a lot of problems with duplicate accounts. Donovan McNeil helped me fix those problems. Things stayed ok in SB until December and now I have one Scout with 3 accounts again. 2 are not up to date and they say his membership start on Dec 2, 2020. So far he is my only duplicate- but I am wondering what happened to make duplicates appear again. Any ideas or help? Can I just end the membership for the duplicates again as I did before?

@AimeeHenderson it is most likely recharter. Do all the accounts have BSA #? are they all the same?

They haven’t processed our recharter packet yet. They showed up on Jan 1 or 2.


Well there is processing and PRE-processing - they show up sometimes on PRE-process


Your problem was not related to recharter. The Scouts in question had accounts that had been deleted improperly in 2018 then Member Update, the process that syncs members between ScoutNET and Scoutbook, added them back to your roster. I have corrected the problem with these accounts that allowed Member Update to put them back on your roster.

Hi Ed, I have a different situation that has resulted in a scout showing up with two different accounts and I am hoping you can help. I have already submitted this issue via my Council, but forum may get me a more direct result. I have a scout who has moved through three different councils due to family relocations. He started in our council, moved through two other councils and is now back in our council. The first two moves were early enough in his scouting career that all of his important records (Cub Scout AOL and all Boy Scout advancement/earned MB’s) are in his prior council’s records. We transferred him into our SB roster from his prior council and that went well. When we registered him with our local council, they reactivated his original council membership so he now shows up on our SB roster with two different membership IDs. The one with all his record history (from prior council) is no longer syncing with the BSA database and I am worried it will disappear in 90 days. I understand there is a way to merge his accounts/records but that cannot be done by me or our local council. If you can help with this I would be happy to provide further details about our unit, the scout and his council memberships.



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Hello, I am in a similar situation.

We moved and ended up in a different council. My son ended up with 2 BSA numbers (old pack and new pack). He is an AOL now and planning to continue with BSA.

I am working on getting access to his current pack’s Scoutbook. As of this time, I have not received emails sent from Scoutbook, coming from his current unit. I asked them to resend me an invite so I can go in that profile. The den leader is saying that they had been updating his achievements in the current pack’s.

My questions would be:

Does Scoutbook allow a council to council move or I will have to delete the old account?

If it does allow a council to council move, can I merge the account myself or it will have to be a leader?

I have downloaded his cub scout history report just in case the information does not migrate.

Thank you very much for your help.


@marcellevirganio I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it - it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

We have a similar situation in our troop. Several adults have multiple accounts - one connected to their son and the other as a registered leader or merit badge counselor. I’d love to know how to merge them!

I am having the same issue. We just moved from overseas and now I have 3 accounts, my wife and son both have 2. How do I resolve it?


@BrianColucci & @ShawnWelsh2 I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it - it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Good afternoon,
I have two scouts that have transferred in due to family relocations. Each has three ScoutBook accounts showing on our roster. The ones assigned to our Troop have zero information in them and the previous ones showing connections to other Councils and Troops has all of their advancement and contact information. Can we merge them? These are the two with information:


Thank you,

@MichaelKlinke I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it - it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

They do. It was a recharter issue. It only happened with that one scout. I have removed them again.

Hi! The earlier questions in this thread are similar to a problem I’m trying to fix for my Troop. There are about 30 parents with duplicate accounts, sometimes with two different BSA IDs. After analysis, in most cases I know which one I want to keep. How do I request accounts be merged or have one deleted?

I also have one Scout who is logging in but is seeing a blank record with the wrong BSA ID. We already have his correct BSA ID in our Troop with all the appropriate advancements and achievements. How can we switch his login to the correct BSA ID?

I am still having a similar problem with duplicate accounts - it has been a problem for about a year now. Tried contacting our Council registrar, who even got the national scout office involved. Tried to work on with Scoutbook forums last fall, but was not able to get it fixed.
Scout has 2 accounts -
Account A shows up in Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, is set up with Advancement Sync, but does not have ANY advancement/ranks/beltloops, etc.
Account B has all of the Scout’s advancement history, but does NOT show up in Scoutbook - it is in Internet Advancement however.

This has been a huge source of frustration for myself (Cubmaster), as well as the Den Leader, our Advancement Chair and the Scout’s family. I would really like to get it fixed - please help!

@ANDYSCHOENHERR I sent you a private message for more information.