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Pack Roster Scouts Appear Twice

My profile was updated by Council yesterday to reflect my change from Den Leader to Cubmaster. At the same time, they merged two BSA member ID’s (not sure if either of these matter, but they were within 24 hours). Today upon logging into Scoutbook, all scouts in the Pack appear twice on the Pack Roster (see photo). As well, until the changes yesterday, I was appearing twice in the Adult roster (two profiles, 2 different member ID’s). Today, I only appear twice in my Sons’ profiles, but each profile shows the exact same member ID. As well, I only appear once in the Connections Manager tool - where yesterday I appeared twice. Stumped…Help!

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if you look at My Account > My Connections I bet you have 2 connections to each Scout

Try resetting your connections:

  1. Go to your Pack Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Cubmaster role.
  4. Click Update.
  5. Click on your Pack Admin role.
  6. Click Update.

See if that resolves the connections issue.

followed these to the letter and did not resolve.

I do. How can I fix this? Hit the “Clean old connections” red button?

Did you take the path through the Pack Roster page? It does not work if you go through My Account.

Should I end the Pack Admin role, as Cubmaster has the same permissions as Key 3?

I think it is a one by one Click “X” issue under my connections - OR not worry about it at all

NO admin is important

No, Pack Admin has more permissions.

Try ending your Den Leader role.

one more Idea - do you happen to now have 2 Pack admin roles?

I went HOME–>Administration–>My Unit: Pack 556–> Pack Roster–> My profile–> Cubmaster UPDATE–>Admin Update

Still shows double scouts

2 pack admin roles under my profile = NO

gotta pick up my kids and will continue working on this later…thnks!!

I think I see the issue - was Scout M. crow in your old den?

My apologies, I left off a step.

Did you also check the box next to “Position Approved” each time?

He was not in my old den

Still shows double after making sure “Position Approved” was checked. Position approved was already selected with a green check mark each time, so I un-checked and re-checked then updated.

It actually wouldn’t hurt to try this.

did it. no change. I tried the “logout” and “Login” method, and now scoutbook is pulling my old member ID# with a blank profile and I can’t even see my unit anymore