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How do new leader applications make their way into Scoutbook? I’m going to be helping our pack make better use of Scoutbook and want to understand the process more completely.

I have a pending application with our current pack. The application was submitted in physical form from our pack committee to our council. When the application is processed, my current understanding is that I will see my position (committee member) reflected on my.scouting.org. Assuming this is accurate, does this change sync and reflect in Scoutbook as well or are positions in Scoutbook managed independently?

According to:

both scouts and leaders newly registered with your unit should show up in Scoutbook about 24-48 hours after they appear in your roster on my.scouting.

That’s reasonably consistent with my experience, but we haven’t had new leader applications processed (that I know of) for a while, so the process may have changed.

ETA: Positions in Scoutbook may also be managed independently in some ways. That is, I’m not sure that changing your registration from (for example) Den Leader to Pack Committee Member would remove your DL position in Scoutbook. It might just add the MC position. I do know that we can add adults to Scoutbook who are not registered in that role (e.g. someone who serves as both an MC and ASM, even if they are only registered as one or the other).

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