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Past Awards showing as "Pending Purchase" but not showing in Scout record

I have 18 Pending Purchase awards from when Scouts, BSA members were in Cub Scouts. It shows them as needing to be purchased, when some were awarded 4-5 years ago. Any help in finding the way to erase these would be greatly appreciated

Do they appear in your needs awarding report?

Specifically which awards? This is a bug.

They are all cub awards, some going back as far as 2011. Most of them are specialty awards, but a few are rank awards. Since these were cub ranks, back then we had extras on hand, so many of them were not purchased. Trying to figure out how to get them off my advancement report

Cub Scout Nova Award - Uncovering the Past
Webelos Compass Point Pin
Webelos Super Achiever Award
Cub Scout World Conservation Award (Webelos)
Webelos Compass Points Emblem
National Summertime Pack Award pin (Webelos)
Webelos Rank
Emergency Preparedness BSA (Retired) (Webelos)
National Summertime Pack Award pin (Bear)
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award v2010 (Bear)
Emergency Preparedness BSA v2014 (Bear)
Whittling Chip
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award v2010 (Wolf)
Cub Scouting’s Leave No Trace Awareness Award (Retired)
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award v2010 (Tiger)

Do they appear in needs awarding?

Where is that in IA2? I have an alert bell at the top of the screen that shows 18. When I open it, it says 18 needs purchasing. I do not see a needs awarding tab on IA2

In Scoutbook, they do not appear. I believe part of that is because once they cross to the troop, it is nearly impossible to find any of their Cub Scout records

Ahhh, sorry. I missed that you posted this on the my scouting forum. Yes, we have taken care of that fully on the scoutbook side. (Although, you can still see historical awards by looking at the Cub Scout history report). This must have been missed on IA. We’ll report this to the developers.

Ok, thanks. How do I find the Cub Scout history report?

Nevermind, just found it. Thanks for the help

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Could you send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your bsa member number, the troop number and a brief description of the problem? Then, you’ll get an automated email back with a ticket number that starts with SSD in the subject. Post that ticket number here.

This was the automated response

I’ve reported your ticket directly to the developers. I’m not sure how quickly they’ll be able to look into this (given all the bugs they presently are working on for the activity logs).