Approving Leader Applications Does not work
go to my unit
go to application manager
go to applicant - an adult leader
I have COR Delegate authority
our COR also tried this from his computer and got the same issue - it will not proceed
“after click accept, it says select an available position - only 398 is available.” cannot proceed any further
Windows 10 - I7 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD
Chrome or Edge
Cache Cleared
My BSA ID is 12057009
The adult leader / multiple applicant BSA ID is 14179165
Their Application ID is 201079648

Thank you

@WilliamKett are you in the middle of recharter?


We started but have not submitted it yet.

Well then I believe your Roster is locked in AKELA so no new members until you get recharter done - so just send in new members with recharter

@WilliamKett You could ask your local council to submit a help ticket to National.

Our local small council has only 3 staff members who are overworked.

National Tickets take months to get a fix as well.

ya’ll are a ton faster and get things done for our council.

Thanks again for always being there for us

@WilliamKett Unfortunately, we can’t fix this issue. And having a pending application might prevent the unit from being able to finalize the Recharter.