Approving Pending Rand Advancements ERROR message

leaderApprovedDate of previous rank should be earlier than the leaderApprovedDate in the request

How do I fix this message? The leader approved date of the previous rank IS earlier than the leader approved date in my current request.

Please help!

@AmyDanielson what is BSA# of leader and Rank and BSA # of Scout?

This is Amy Danielson (rank advancement chair) BSA Member (removed by moderator)

My question pertains to the following scouts:

  • (do not post names please) (Star) Member ID 132833851
  • (do not post names please) (Star) Member ID 132355656
  • (do not post names please) (Star) Member ID 135635674
  • (do not post names please) (Life) Member ID 133411514

Note: These are the ranks that it will not let me approve when I click on pending approval.

@AmyDanielson Scout BSA is not fully released in SB+ yet - try approving in Scoutbook

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I’m not sure what you mean by that??? I used to be able to click on “Internet Advancement” in Scoutbook, but that is no longer an option. What should I be clicking on?

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in Scoutbook go to unit > click Reports > click Needs Approval report

The error message has changed to

Missing JWT token

What does that mean?

@AmyDanielson - are you seeing the JWT in ? The link to what was Internet advancement is listed as Scoutbook Plus on the Home screen.


Looks like everything is all squared away now! Thanks for your help!