Upload to Internet Advancement error for a scout Life rank without enough mb

So with the troop trying to get updated as we move to in person instead of virtual,
given a list of advancements to enter including a scout having life rank now.
which is an error discovered week later.

we use Troop web host and upload advancement to internet advancement.
so the scout’s Life Rank was uploaded and marked approved in internet advancement, even though scout does not have enough merit badges.

To correct an error like that in internet advancement I can’t figure out how to remove the rank.
So I moved to scoutbook, and am caught in scoutbook has Life rank marked as earned and approved. but trying to do anything, it says Requirement #3 for merit badges should be approved before you can complete this rank.

So I can’t click to do anything to change this rank to unapproved.
unless I’m clicking wrong. since I don’t use scoutbook very often, I’m at a loss.


Remove the approved checkbox and the date at the same time

If I click anywhere to try to change the blue checkbox it pops up and says
“Requirement #3 for merit badges should be approved before you can complete this rank.”
and I can’t do anything else.

Internet advancement froze on me and I ended up with a duplicate entry and another entry that didn’t link to those who attended. Can I edit these? Or link them? Still not unfrozen so I can’t explore this in my own

I may be able to assist, I sent you a private message. Click on your icon in the upper right and the envelope to read it.

Bill Nelson, Scoutbook User Advisory Council

I just added 3 merit badges in scoutbook.
then when I clicked on Life instead of getting the pop up that wouldn’t let me do anything
It let me unapprove the rank of Life, removing date and check box
and then I went back and deleted the 3 merit badges

and the rank of Life went away

but shouldn’t have to do that.
if we were a troop that only used Internet advancement as they say troops can do,
seems there was no way to fix this from there.

note We don’t use scoutbook because we can’t get an advancement chair to stick in their position long enough to figure out how to use it right,
or adults to get all the chrome add ons to make scoutbook work better,

so we stick with troop web host that more people are comfortable with and we have a couple people who know how to upload to internet advancement for court of honors 4 times a year.