April 4, 2024 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Merit Badge Counselor Search (Council Admins Only)
    • An issue that prevented Council Admins from seeing out of council MBCs with Worldwide visibility selected has been fixed.
  • Personal Fitness Merit Badge
    • The current version of the Personal Fitness Merit Badge has been updated to match the official requirements by deleting requirements 3j, k, l, m and n.

New Features

  • Calendar Links
    • As previously announced, all calendar links in the Scoutbook user interface (https://scoutbook.scouting.org) will now point to the Internet Advancement user interface (https://advancements.scouting.org). For a short period of time, at the bottom of the Internet Advancement calendar page is a link back to the legacy Scoutbook calendar. This is ONLY for use if an issue is found that can’t be resolved in the Internet Advancement calendar. Please do not go back to the Scoutbook calendar for convenience.
    • Users subscribed to the legacy Scoutbook calendar via ICS (ex: on Apple or Google calendar) need to delete their current subscription and subscribe via the new link on the Internet Advancement calendar page - the old feed will be turned off at some point in near future.