Arrows of Light not showing on Youth Member Age Report

Our District’s practice is to check the Youth Member Age Report to ensure AoL is recorded before youth bridge to a Troop. In two cases so far (P970 & P500), the ranks appear to be properly recorded in SB/IA, but those ranks have not flowed to the Youth Member Age report. Any suggestions?

@NancyHodgkiss Do you have the BSA member numbers of a couple Scouts so we can take a look?

See 135069993, 135069993, 133882737, 133882819

@NancyHodgkiss I just did an advancement sync on those 3 Scouts. You might be able to see their AOL rank now (or you might see it tomorrow if an overnight process needs to run).

I am not sure why their AOL ranks didn’t automatically sync.

Thanks, Jennifer. These Scouts were just a sample from each of the Dens. Are you saying that you’ll need to sync advancement for each Scout individually?

I’m not familiar with this report. Could you confirm that that is the source of rank advancement you are using?

We use the Youth Member Age Report from My.Scouting/Roster/Print as Commissioners to confirm ranks have been recorded. Last year, it worked like a charm. As you know, some Packs just mark ranks as Completed and not Leader Approved, and we were able to fix this prior to transferring the Scouts. This year, we’re having mixed results. Some Age Reports seem accurate, others not so much.

@jacobfetzer Units can run the report themselves at my.scouting on the Roster. Leaders can select one or more Scouts and then click on Print → Youth Member Age Report.

@NancyHodgkiss I am wondering if the issue might be related to recharter, perhaps?

You could try asking the Advancement Chair for each unit to temporarily unapprove the Scout’s Membership in Scoutbook for any Scouts whose ranks are not syncing / matching up. Then re-approve the Scout’s Membership.

Shouldn’t have anything to do with recharter.

I don’t want to ask the units to do more work when it sounds like they’ve done everything correctly. I find it curious that transferring the Scouts didn’t prompt a sync. If there’s a way to report this as a bug, please let me know.

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