Issue Transitioning Youth to Adult Membership


I searched other threads for a solution, but do not see this issue addressed. Also, I called our registrar, and everything looks good from their side…

In Februrary, a youth turned 18 in our Troop. At the time, he filled out and the registrar processed his adult application. He is showing as an adult on our roster in my.scouting.

However, he did not appear on our roster in Scoutbook, nor, when I search by his member ID, can I find him to add (no record matching search criteria exists). Scoutbook did allow me to re-enter him as a youth (with the warning that he is not matched to a record), which I did so he could continue to receive calendar updates and RSVP for events.

I attempted the transition again this morning to no avail.

Please let me know if you can help with


I see you guys have been very busy, and believe you are doing this as volunteers. Thank you!!

Scouter Rob

I think I see issue - let me research

Scouter should reappear after 4pm CST

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Thanks Donovan! Anything I could have prevented from here??

no we are trying to figure out exactly what happened

One clue may help…because his b-day was in early Feb, we did not recharter him as a youth in December. But, our charter didn’t get processed by registrar until about March, so I’m not sure if the “lapse” in membership was a factor.


Almost there…

ID 122970496 is showing in Scoutbook now, but with the yellow triangle showing “Not a Registered Leader” I did just re-check Roster in my.scouting, and confirmed the ID numbers between Scoutbook and ScoutNET match.

I had hoped the systems would sync and correct overnight, but it appears they did not.

I understand that, if the systems do not agree, Scoutbook will kick 122970496 after a certain period, right??

What is the next step, please?

Scouter Rob

That triangle is just a hanging display :bug: bug with UCSRs

OK, thanks! I have another issue, but will start a separate thread for that one…

YIS, Scouter Rob

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