ASAP and Reminder Calander Invites NOT working

I have made a test calendar invite and it should look like this under event details:

However, the ASAP formatting is all messed up AND the reminder formatting is a mess now. The reminders, which were working right, are now all a single row.

Please see below.

I understand this is a new platform that needs to be rolled out, but right now we have lost all effective communication with our parents. I understand the developers are working on these problems, but it’s an embarrassment for leaders to have to use this system and have to try and explain to parents these are the best and only tools we have to use that BSA provides.

Thanks for your help in fixing these.


This is a known issue with asap reminders. I believe a scheduled reminder will send out the description formatted correctly.

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The schedule reminder was sending out descriptions formatted correctly, until today. Whatever change happened, the schedule reminder is now sending out all the text in one long contusions string. Things are bold or italic, but it’s not readable because its all one long character string.



We have duplicated the issue and passed it on to the developers

@DarrenFerlazzo I wanted to thank you for reporting these in detail. We will get through this bumpy patch, but it is good bug reports that will allow the SUAC to report them to the developers and get them fixed!

Thank you very much!!

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