IA Calander Event Description Context of Message Missing

I have been trying to send out a Calander invite through IA calendar. It is sending out the Calander Invite without any context of the invite itself. The Event Description is blank in the email it sends out, even though it’s in the IA Calander.

When the auto reminder for the same event when out through Scoutbook, all the information was there in the invite description.


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Area you sure you have things in Descriptions - or are they in Notes/Agenda area?

The first image is what it originally sent out when I set it up using the ASAP distribution.

The reminder it sent out via Scoutbook this the second image. This included the context of the description.

The third image in how the exactly what is in the Calander invite / setup.

Thank you for your help.

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Sorry this was the first one it sent out.

OK this is reported in

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I am having the exact same problem with my newly created meetings.


Same here. The event description is missing from the email.

Additionally, the times in the email were shifted to Central Time, even though my unit is in Eastern Time (the time zone is correct on the web interface; it was just the email that was incorrect). It appears from the screenshots above (also different time zones between platforms) that this is not just happening for me.

I also don’t love that the email sender is “Boy Scouts of America” with a subject of “Calendar Event Reminder.” With old Scoutbook, the sender is personalized and the subject matches the event. This is a huge downgrade.


Same here. Last week I tried a calendar item and it went smoothly, arrived indicating it was from Scoutbook, with the the details and correct timezone. I tried again today for another event, following the same steps, and get the same email as above, show from Boy Scouts of America, no info and with Central Time… Thanks!

This is a known issue with ASAP reminders - plain reminders go out fine

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Any time frame on a fix?


The BSA does not pre-announce fixes. Watch the change log for an announcement.

Which part is the known issue? It is unclear to me which message you are replying to.

  • context of meeting missing
  • time zone set to Central
  • something else

I am seeing regular (not ASAP) reminders with the time zone set to Central, even though the event time is set to Pacific.

How do I find the change log? Can its URL be “pinned” in a message which can be found easily? Or can it be put in some kind of intro message at the top of the forums?

Is there a discreet changelog for the IA calendar only?

The changelogs are visible in the list of All Categories from the “hamburger” (three stacked lines) menu in the forums:

There are separate change logs for each of the interfaces, but not specifically for the calendar.




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