ASAP Notifications

I just sent an ASAP notification. For some reason it sent out it continually every minute until I manual went back to the previous page. It just sent it out 4 times to 100+ people in my unit. Please see the attached image.

Thanks for your help.

Just to confirm, they actually received 4? I think there was a bug where there were multiple entires, but only one was sent (this was awhile back).

@DarrenFerlazzo - i am willing to guess that it was one instance per person that was sent out and logged.

Yes, 4 were sent out and everyone received 4 reminders before I could stop it.

if that is what it was doing, it would have sent out 100+ copies to all my parents. At least everyone only got 4.

if I recall - if you set an ASAP and click save - BUT stay in the Edit window and keep editing the event everytime you click save it sends an ASAP

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Thanks for the information, but I only saved it once I set it to the ASAP delivery. It ran for very long time, I guess it was sending multiple times.

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