Event Reminder Limits

I’m curious about the limit of 3 event reminders per event. Can someone explain why there is a limit to this feature? I have utilized more than 3 event reminders on many events over the years.

When Scoutbook got tagged for Spamming over the last few months it was realized some units were sending a crazy number of reminder emails each month. This is a way to not spam our users and not get blacklisted again so communication can still go out.

That makes sense. However, three reminders seems like a pretty small number. Any change that limit could be pushed up a bit? I’m not sure where the spam threshold sits, but I would think it would be higher than three messages.

Once a reminder has past a new reminder can be added. The fewer the better as a communication professional - if your families are getting more than 5 emails a week they are ignoring them all, compared to one a week with the info they need.



The limit is not 3 reminders per event. It is 3 scheduled future reminders per event. You can use Send ASAP any time even if you have 3 scheduled. Once one of the scheduled reminders is sent, another can be added.

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Thanks for the replies @DonovanMcNeil & @edavignon. When I was testing that feature a couple of days ago it seemed like it was limiting to three including the ASAP events. I’ll play with it a little more.

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