ASM Account Merge Request and Transfer Question

Good morning,

We have an adult who was an ASM in a previous troop in Columbia Montour Council 504 and trying to move him to our Troop 738 in National Capital Area Council. There are 3 accounts for him in Scoutbook as a parent and none of them seem to be associated with his BSA ID, so just looking for help and guidance on what we need to do to get him set up as an ASM and clean him up in Scoutbook.

BSA ID: 4281490
National Eagle Scout Association
Columbia-montour council 504 moving to National Capital Area Council

Scoutbook IDs: 13410451, 10633460, 4377741

Thank you!

@MatthewMorrell well the first thing is for them to apply to your unit. I Assume he wants to keep the Sign in with Google username?

Thanks! Yes he wants to keep the google sign in. We ran into some issues with his application but I’ll work that separately then. Thank you! Matt

OK his various accounts are cleaned up and merged

Thank you! He’s all set. I really appreciate it.

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