Merging Scoutbook Accounts from Multiple Councils

I am looking to merge my younger son’s scoutbook accounts. His most recent one that was created for Mt Baker Council (WA) and has his progress from the last couple years is attached to:

SB User ID: 12179559
BSA Member ID: 13902180

His existing profile is from Chickasaw (TN) and Narragansett (RI) Councils and has his achievements from his younger cub scout years:

SB User ID: 2572951
BSA Member ID: 135570063

Once they are merged, I’m hoping we can get him added to our local troop since he completed his arrow of light and now attends troop meetings. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

@KateHalvorson let me look at it

@KateHalvorson you should be all set - to get Scout in a troop you need to register the Scout or transfer - here is the Parent Transfer PDF

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

Many thanks for your help - so glad it all worked out! I am getting an error message in the submit transfer step re: “no pg email person email found” but I will follow up with the troop and local council to help with that. Thanks again.

I think the issue was with his dad. Two different account for his dad were listed as parents in Akela, once of which did not have an email address on it. I synched some stuff. Try again tomorrow.

Thanks so much - I was able to submit the transfer request without any error messages. I appreciate it!

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