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I am the membership chair for our troop. I have an ASM (BSA # 134898469) who as of 5/24/22 also has a Scoutbook acct as a Committee member but with an old BSA # (14219150). How do we delete the Committee member account?

I have the same issue and haven’t been able to get it fixed. I’d love to see what the response is to this so I can get my accounts merged as well.

@AmandaAvakian this is fixed - @JoshuaLamothe post either BSA #s or Scoutbook User IDs and we can look at it

@DonovanMcNeil, the two accounts are below. Thank you for looking into this. We are a military family and get new BSA ID #s with every new council we join. I believe this is why the second Scout Book account was generated at some point.

SB User ID: 246344 - This is the account I would like to keep
SB User ID: 9356207 - This account can be merged

@JoshuaLamothe what is your current council - the BSA # can be important especially if you are going to be a leader

@DonovanMcNeil my current council is National Capital Area Council. BSA ID# 131906962.

Any time i set that ID as primary in my.scouting, I am switched to the second Scout Book account and I lose all connections and positions I hold. Which is why I have kept my Narragansett Council ID set as my primary.

OK not sure I understand as there are no open positions - but they are merged

Thank you. I have set NCAC as my primary ID and Scout Book now brings up my main account. I am still getting the warning message that there is another user using my email though. Not sure if this will work itself out following the merge or if there is another issue.

Yes, no current positions as we have recently moved again and the paperwork is being processed. Either way, I was losing all historical data when using my current ID number. I appreciate the help.

You had an account in WY, too, which I also merged.

Thank you. Didn’t even know about that one but we were stationed there for a while and I volunteered with Longs Peak, now Adventure West Council. So that makes sense.

I appreciate all the help.

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@DonovanMcNeil I think this is my problem as well as I have had a multitude of problems with my account since moving to another state (I have called both councils involved multiple times as well). Currently, when I log in, I have pretty much nothing. No units, no scouts, no profile, not even my own kids. It also says that I have no access to Internet Advancement. It says this profile is BSA #126564352 in Golden Empire Council, which is the old one. However, I can not find any info on my current BSA# which should be in Crossroads of the West Council, which was there before.

The oddest part about this is that my husband’s account still says he is in GEC but has the kids, the profile AND his position in the Troop in the Crossroads Council. It’s almost like my account just got wiped.

@TaraThomas I sent you a private message.

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