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ASM can't use mobile app due to not being connected to a scout

I get an error that my scouting account needs to be connected as a parent to use the scouting app.

I also can’t find a way to link to my children from the scoutbook as the family plans are currently disabled.

How do Scouters with no active children use the mobile app?

The app is only for parents and their children. It does not provide access to any other Scouts.

All units, Scouts and leaders are now in Scoutbook. Key 3, Key 3 Delegates and Advancement Chairs (as designated in are unit admins and can connect you to your children even if the unit does not use Scoutbook for any other purpose.

The Scouting app is only for Parent / Scout use. No Unit / Leader functions are included.

To connect the Parent to the Scout one of your Unit Admins need to make the connection. Unit admins are preliminarily Key 3 Leaders (Unit Leader, Committee Chair, and Charter Organization Representative.) Any Unit Admin can add another Leader as a Unit Admin.